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We formed 2001 after jamming in various bars and clubs throughout the Aberdeen area and found we had similar tastes in music and our different styles combined complimented each other both musically and vocally. we joined the website Garage Band 2006 to offer people outside of Scotland a chance to here our music we found it a great site to listen as well as create getting more input than we are used too thank you for listening to our music and visit again without you we don't exist outside Aberdeen. Jim & rich



Richie Powell

Age: 26

Born: 27/08/1981

Home Town: Originally from Kent but moved to Aberdeen about 7 Years ago.

what instruments do you Play? I play the drums, guitar, bass guitar and a little on the piano/keyboard.

How long have you been playing for? I have been playing on and off from about the age of 10 when I got my first guitar. over the last few years I started to play more often than I used too.

What is Your Role in Granite Rock? I play mostly as rhythm guitar and chuck in the odd solo here and there, On the last album 'Time To Cover Up' I took a more active role in the solos, where as Jim created more of the solos on the 'Tranquil Side of the Moon' Album. I do sing a few of the songs found on the 'Time To Cover Up' album but I'm not the greatest singer, so I prefer to do more of the backing vocals for Jim.

I do the producing for the albums on my computer with the software that I have, but all final cuts are agreed by both Jim and myself.

What inspires you when jamming and  recording? Umm.. That's a tricky one. It's hard to say really. For me, I think its more about getting in the feel of the music at the time and getting in that zone and then everything just flows. I have a mental image of the sound/sounds I want to create at the time and it's just finding the right combination of sounds and techniques.

Quote: You can never have enough guitars.... LOL


Jim Mckay

Age: 42

Born: 27/06/1965 - By the banks of the river Dee.

Home Town: Aberdeen, Scotland.

what instruments do you Play? I play the Guitar, Balalaika and the Keyboard.

How long have you been playing for? Since about 1990 bought my first guitar then..

What is Your Role in Granite Rock?  I play rhythm guitar like Richie with the occasional lead, when I get the inspiration from Richie, I also do a bit of Vocals

What inspires you when jamming and  recording? Lots of things inspire me when playing. Richie's style I enjoy because with both have the same creative ideas that compliments each others playing techniques when we put our music across.

Influences in my style are Pink Floyd and the singer/song writer from Greenock called Conn Lever, Who both Richie and myself had the pleasure of strumming with. If it wasn't for Conn, I wouldn't of had the courage to sing in front of anyone and if not for Richie I wouldn't of continued to Progress.







John Miles








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