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The tranquil side of the moon

Track List

1 - Point of No Return
2 - Stargazer
3 - Orbit
4 - Tranquil Moon
5 - Nebula
6 - New Life
7 - Journey Home


About the album

This was the first album that Granite Rock produced. This is all original compositions that were created both by Richie and Jim. The album took about a week to compose and record. The idea behind the music was a spacey, relaxation feel that took you on your mystical journey through space starting with the take off from earth and travelling through the stars to head for the tranquil side of the moon, where you find new life in the nebula and then returning home after the great exploration.


Manager Hughie receiving the first signed copy




Time to cover up

Track List

1 - Apache
2 - Folsom Prison
3 - Have You Ever Seen
4 - Fields of Athenry
5 - Street Spirit
6 - Black is the Colour
7 - Man of the World
8 - Handbags & Gladrags
9 - Runaway Train
10 - Wonderful Tonight


About the album

This album comprises of songs that both Richie and Jim enjoy and had decided to cover and re-arrange the songs to their own styles and give each song on the album the Granite Rock feel. The album took several weeks to produce and many hours of re-recording were done to get the exact feel and styles wanted for each song. Originally there were more than the 10 tracks that are currently on the album but Granite Rock decided to keep the album to the 10 tracks and keep the fans waiting for the future album 'Time To Cover Up Again'.


Hevs receiving the first signed copy



Future albums


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Future albums


Granite Rock - Time To Cover Up Again!

Granite Rock - The Oasis in The Rock




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